Concept of NANOFOODS Project

The use on nanoencapsulation for drug delivery is a well known technology in the pharmaceutical industry, while its application in the food industry is still in its infancy. The RTD performers participating the consortium have a great experience in nanotechnology, functional foods and food chemistry and they will offer appropriate solutions to SME participants in need of outsourcing research and development activities.

The main concept of this project is to incorporate into the nanocapsules bioactive compounds, which are normally absorbed at the upper gut level allowing them to reach the lower gut to exert their beneficial action. It is quite a general approach that, ones the SMEs acquire the know-how, could be repeated in a number of different products and application. In particular the project is focused on bioactive compounds having potential anti-inflammatory activity such as omega-3 fatty acid, butyrate and silymarin complex. The selection of fatty acid and phenolic compounds was also done considering the need to set up the technology of nanocapsule preparation for two very different typologies of bioactive compounds, lipophilic and hydrophilic.

One of the SME in our consortium is specialized in development and production of micro-encapsulated products. The business development of this company is based on the approach "from concept to market” that will be also used in this project with the three SMEs producing pasta, bread and nut cream products. For these three SMEs the development of healthy food using this innovative technology would give a great competitive advantage with the possibility to offer customers a product with high added value and great profitability.

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